Business Startups

With the generation’s succeeding cool trend to begin working on brand new and innovative ideas, India is ready to set to outdo some other nations across the globe stage within the years to come. Setting up of startup businesses through these young and eager entrepreneurs is certainly going to strengthen and improve the entire Indian economy in days to come. India is home for nearly 3,100 startups starting each year standing just at the back of the United States, United Kingdom and Israel, as said by the 2015 NASSCOM report. When the growth has been pursued on similar pace, it’s expected that India-based technology startups would generate nearly 2.5 lakh jobs for the succeeding 5 years.


How We Are Accelerating Startups

India offers a very lucrative opportunity for those people who want to earn money. If you want to start a new small business in this country then why don’t you think about working with us for now! We help both business owners who are after expanding their business and also, those people who want to invest through franchising. We offer a wide selection of lucrative business opportunities that you can grab today.

Besides, we are working to enhance awareness as well as the understanding of what makes the startup accelerators successful and profitable and directly support programs. Yes, we are helping startups to accelerate through providing different accelerator programs. These programs are relatively another way to support startup businesses with more growth potential that includes intensive support, mentoring and funding. While these programs grow and are spreading internationally, they are presenting a good and exciting opportunity to learn about supporting startup businesses and entrepreneurs.

Typical accelerator programs provide groups of entrepreneurs finance, work space, business support, and rigorous mentoring through a certain period of time, usually about 13 weeks. The goal will be to help the teams to start up their small businesses in the shortest period of time, instantly become investment ready and grow rapidly. We are supporting and studying startup accelerator programs in different ways. Let’s talk about this today!

Growth of Entrepreneurs

Our services are mainly focused on helping businesses to grow fast and become lucrative. We are focused on helping our clients to enjoy the fruit of their hard work and investments in the long run. We love to see our clients happy in seeing how far their business has reached overtime.


Benefits of Our Services to Startups

We at Times Entrepreneur help and support entrepreneurs to start their own businesses through providing them with brand new business ideas with comprehensive market research and analysis. Our company provides comprehensive business report of business ideas and plan with survey reports including analytics. We are also supporting entrepreneurs with co-working space as incubators in order to reduce the amount of cash they need to initially invest and thus, it maximizes profit and growth. If you lack funds to support the startup of your business then we can also help you get funded through availing government grants and loans such as MSME, PMEGP and Venture Capitalists.

Through the years, we have been providing franchising opportunities to and for small and medium enterprises, huge conglomerates, globally known brands, real estate sector, retail and service industry and a lot more.

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