Entrepreneur Facilitation

Entrepreneur facilitation is a broader and advantageous concept for entrepreneurs. It takes into account the list of benefits that facilitate not only entrepreneurs, but start-ups and business seekers as well. Times Entrepreneur understands the challenges that come across the way when you start a business. Our primary motive is to own your problems and gift you with the happy solutions. We collaborate your needs and requirements with our inventory of solutions. Starting a new business is just like planting a sapling, the more you nurture and care the best and fast it will grow. Similarly, businessman needs to sow the seeds of hard work and nurture it with funds, investments, branding, marketing and expansion activities, in order to have a smooth and effective functioning of his business. We help your business grow many fold by providing all kinds of facilities that are required to take your business to next level.

Our Company Mission

Times Entrepreneur is a platform that is specially designed to promote and facilitate the entrepreneurs of all business sizes. We have solutions to all your problems, be it funding, investor acquisition, branding, marketing, expansion or any other business related problem. We have a defined procedure for entrepreneur facilitation and a panel of experts, who guide and mentor you to lead the business towards success. There are many entrepreneurs or start-ups, who may have resources to start a new business, but due to lack of knowledge and guidance they direct their business towards loss and sufferings. But now, when you are logged into Times Entrepreneur then your business is sure to go on heights with our expert guidance and extensive support.
Here, you enter the gateway of facilities that will secure your business and validate your business ideas. We are pioneer in providing
Seed funding through Venture Capitalists or Funders

  •  Database of angel investors
  •  Mentorship
  •  Business idea validation
  •  Co-working space
  •  Business expansion activities
  •  New business ideas in your budget
  •  Branding Opportunity

Our sole purpose is to make your business successful and known. For this, we make you introduce with business tycoons of different industries to understand new business opportunities and marketing activities with minimum operational cost. We facilitate start-ups with expansion opportunities by granting them franchise of their brand at our Franchise Exhibitions.  We provide a brilliant opportunity to start-ups by getting their expansion plans go on with the support of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors or funders.

Times Entrepreneur is sure to get you more than your expectations from your business.