Our team is made of professionals, business advisors who have garnered quantifiable experience across all industries and know how the market works. They are passionate and enthusiastic about helping startups and entrepreneurs get into the ever changing market and secure a substantial market share to allow for growth. Owing to their vast experience and huge portfolio, they proffer business solutions that are timely and workable to help you achieve your predefined goals.

Businesses just like products, have a lifecycle and reach the peak stage in about 5 to 10 years depending on the nature of industry and business before facing the decline phase. An in-depth market analysis must then be carried out to formulate a workable strategic plan to bring back the business to the growing phase to hit the steady cash inflow stage. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our professionals to crack open out-of-box strategy to keep your business winning all the time.

Times Entrepreneur provides comprehensive business solutions which are scalable and appropriate for your business milieu. Whether you are a startup struggling to transform your business idea into a real-time business or an entrepreneur with a fledgling business; Times Entrepreneur has got your back. We will help you with all market research and analysis, business documents compilation from start to finish and offer unparalleled business consultation services. Times Entrepreneur helps established business through the following:


Develop a workable Strategic Plan that is amenable to your business

Specialized training workshops for Startups and Entrepreneurs to sharpen their business acumen


Make available appointments with our Business Specialist to discuss your businesses growth

Undertake a detailed business diagnostic that matches the needs of your business. This will be facilitated by one of our business specialists. Develop a clear and concise Action Plan that will deliver results for you and your business.

So when you are looking to expand your business, restructure for growth or perhaps prepare your business for sale ?