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Investment: Rs. 5lac-8lac

Appetite for food businesses

One of the most promising and paying sector is food. There has been a rise in people looking to start out as an entrepreneur in the food business. From the thela wala to small coffee shops, to farmers’ market traders and street food vans, recent years have seen a tremendous growth in small food businesses with a focus on well-sourced high quality ingredients and personal service. Talking of the fast food industry, interest in new food co-operatives is at its highest level in 30 years, and sales of ethnic Indian food is booming, . Even venture capitalists, long focused on technology startups, are grabbing plates and getting in line. But the biggest challenge to enter In to the Food industry is:

1. Huge monetary involvement Total dependency on the skilled labours
2. A long term wait for the Break Even Point ( B E P)
3. High cost incurred to maintain the hygiene of the food.

We at WOW have over come these major hurdles. Thinking of fast food franchisee think WOW Vada Pav. If you’re choosing a fast-food franchise to own, you want a top performer.

Franchise Facts:

3 lac + 50000 Deposit – For A Class City
2 lac + 50000 Deposit – For B Class City
Total Investment: Rs.5-8 Lac
Area Required: 200 Sq ft

Why become a  WOW Franchisee

1.    A time tested Unique Business model.
2.     Fastest growing Indian Fast Food brand.
3.     Easy and Standardized Operating Procedure to be followed.
4.     Delivery of major goods at the door step.
5.     Continuous Introduction of new products.
6.     Easy to make Dishes and almost no wastage.
7.     Initial training for the franchisee.
8.     Continuous marketing support and brand building.
9.     Product menu for all season sale.
10.     Continuous appearance in social media.
11.     Proven and tested Delicious taste to increase the foot falls.
12.     Tie ups with the International/ National leading brands.

Why you choose

A unique concept for the all time accepted popular Indian ethnic food Vada Pavs, Bhajya, Patties, Momos etc.

1.     Mouth Watering and Hygienic food items.
2.     Fast moving food requires very less time to serve.
3.     Nation wide accepted ingredients used, Spices, Wheat flour & more.
4.     Unique same taste of food at all the WOW outlets.
5.     Economy pricing yet Delicious & Hygienic.

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