Meri Padhai

Investment: Rs. 3.5 Crore
Over the last one and half decades, Meri padhai has been the premier platform for coaching and training to students in all streams and levels. The services has been expanded into internet based personal coaching with a quality across the geographical barrier in the new frontier of education on .we have strived the way through in providing the finest quality of educational services to parents and students all across the world all the comprehensive platform across the various educational subjects through the finest faculties from the country.

Our expert team is comprised of highly qualified technocrats and educationalists from distinct fields and walks of the modern industries and educational facilities. Our team specializes in all the best resources in conceptualizing, develop and implement solutions to the best of the needs to faculties and students in various educational sectors including the premier institutes in the country.The applications and technology at our premises are the finest and the latest available providing the best comfort and utility in education.

Meri Padhai is looking for funding for the expansion in pan India to reach maximum students, teachers, Institutes etc. Expected funding amount is 3.5 Cr. For more details of our business plan, share your business details with us, we will be in touch with you.

We have the vision to provide the finest resource in the process of implementing the technology and getting our specialized education process to people from all walks of life. The top priority for our services includes the provision of the finest tutor to assist our clients in all the education sectors. With the online tutoring, we have paved way for face-to-face teaching preferences that can benefit the students in more ways than ever with more control of the tutor over the test preparations and homework assistance.

While implementing the portal, we had kept many questions in consideration. The questions were about the challenges faced by the students today, what were the information that the students need to compete? And what the best solutions available were. The portal replicates the vision we had to implement one of the finest online solutions for the education sector. And the questions are visible with finest answers in our complete educational portal and the very vision of our way ahead.

Since we have spread over different subjects and levels in education, many of our students have been with us for over the years in primary schooling, secondary levels, and all the way through the universities. And they trust us in whatever endeavor they aim for with our support and comfort in company.

Our core ability lies in assisting students and parents to efficiently make use of the widest variety of knowledge base available to them, irrespective of any other constraints of geography and time zones. We are indeed technologically superior in our online services that have complete span of events in the complete classwork, such as faculty, queries, and clarification instantaneously and virtually through our online portal. And our presence online has been the forefront strength in bringing customizes E-Learning tools to our students in the comfort of quality education at their homes, all the way to their reading rooms.

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